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Color your world with CWP


CWP’s reconstituted veneers can be used creatively in the design of any products where veneer is used. It’s an ideal surface material for furniture and fittings, interior walls, ceilings, doors, acoustic panels etc. It’s also very well suited for form-pressing.

CWP Wall seinä

CWP Dyed 1,5mm veneers are made from peeled 1,5mm thick birch veneer. Dyed veneers make up the structure of the laminated blanks. From these colours you can build up your own colour combination for laminated blanks. 

CWP laminated blanks can be used for gun stocks, sports equipment, knives etc. CWP offers laminated blanks in variety of standard colours and colour combinations. We can also offer customized colours and sizes to suit your needs.

CWP blanks