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CWP blanks

CWP laminated blanks can be used for gun stocks, sports equipment, knives etc. CWP offers laminated blanks in variety of standard colours and colour combinations. We can also offer customized colours and sizes to suit your needs.  

CWP fitting birch

CWP’s reconstituted veneers can be used creatively in the design of any products where veneer is used. It’s an ideal surface material for furniture and fittings, interior walls, ceilings, doors, acoustic panels etc. It’s also very well suited for form-pressing.

CWP's Story

The idea for through-dyed wood came to Wood Technology Engineer Riku Kärri from his shooting hobby, as he wanted to create special colours for his own gun stocks. He made the first successful colouring for his competition gun stock in 1999. He continued to develop this unique dying process with his partners as a part of a research project with Lappeenranta Technical University. In 2004 CWP Coloured Wood Products Oy was founded.

CWP has been successfully developing the production of through dyed laminated blanks, making CWP one of the leading birch gun stock blank producers in the world. CWP Laminated Blanks are available in different sizes and colours for gun stock productions, and also for many other kind of end uses. From the laminated blanks arose the idea of coloured stripes to be used in designing of wooden surfaces: CWP reconstituted birch veneers were developed. CWP Veneers are modern birch veneers with beautiful natural colour tones. CWP veneers are ideal surface material for furniture, interior walls and doors etc.

Today CWP is well-known as an innovative and reliable supplier in the branch of through-dyed wood materials. We are happy to be in your service with high-quality products and heart in the design.


CWP is currently looking to expand into new market areas. We are seeking partners to represent CWP veneers in different countries. Ideal partner would be used to dealing in wood branch with close collaboration with designers and interior architects.