Our operations started with the sales of gun stock blanks. Gun stock blanks are our main products nowadays. CWP's own standard colours and colour combinations are used in the versatile laminated blanks. You can also customise your own colours and sizes.

The laminated blank itself consists of colour veneer. The standard size of a laminated blank is length 870 mm * width 270 mm * thickness 60 mm. We usually create the blank in the colour and dimensions best suited for your purpose in the desired thickness and colour combination, and often also saw the blanks to the blank size required in the end product. If you want to customise your own colour combination, the following CWP colour veneers are available.

The laminated blanks can be used for gun stocks, sports equipment or knives. The CWP laminate structure is resistant to bending even under difficult circumstances. The material is hard and durable Finnish birch. The through-dyed wood also creates a good roughened surface using either laser or mechanical roughening.

The glues and dyes used in the laminates are suited to any kind of weather. Thanks to through-dyeing, dents and scratches can easily be repaired with basic tools.

Our products are available on stock, with the exception of the custom colours. The delivery time - please ask availability and ensure delivery times. We deliver the blanks by collect on delivery mail. Unfortunately, we do not process gun stocks.

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