We at CWP want to offer an alternative option for you in the form of Finnish through-dyed natural wood. Our through-dyed birch materials are suitable for various purposes. Use them for individual interior design or product design.

Why choose through-dyed wood?

Choosing wood is an ecological act in itself. Thanks to through-dyeing, the colour penetrates through the entire thickness of the material, and the surface can be renewed by sanding without loss of colour. Using through-dyed materials in products allows for a longer product lifetime, thereby decreasing the stress to the environment.

Basic colours – uniqueness

We have created CWP colour combinations and colour families to facilitate your design. However, colour is an individual choice. If you want, we can modify the colours of CWP materials as you like by varying the veneer layers. You can also buy your own colour combinations that cannot be found anywhere else.

CWP in the future

We strive to be a well-known and appreciated supplier in our field of through-dyed wood materials that is known for its quality and design.


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