Colours are a good starting point when designing wood products. Birch is a very lightly coloured material which allows the colours of through-dyeing to clearly show through. The dyes used by CWP are safe and do not modify the properties of the wood.

We have created CWP colour families to facilitate your design. CWP provides colours from stock and on order. However, colour is an individual choice. You can also create your own world of colours. We can modify the colours according to your needs by changing the colours of the veneer layers of the blanks. Receiving your own world of colours may take a bit more time. The delivery times are shorter if you use stock colours. You can also buy your own colour combinations that cannot be found anywhere else.

The surface of through-dyed wood can be treated with lacquers, oils and waxes, just like massive wood. Thanks to through-dyeing, the colour penetrates through the entire thickness of the material, and the surface can be renewed by sanding without loss of colour.

Designed and produced by Mainostoimisto Mediakolmio